Never have to think about your weight again. Never look at diet or exercise the same way. Learn how to think, eat and exercise in a way that is natural for people who are easily trim and fit. Finally stop yo-yo dieting, exercising and weight loss. Discover how good it feels to enjoy eating satisfying healthy foods and being active and fit. Inspired to Feel Good replaces the conventional approach to diet and exercise with a more realistic, enjoyable and satisfying way to get and stay fit and healthy. This book shows you how easy it can be to select healthier foods and regular activity out of choice and feeling good, instead of compliance and feeling obligated to measure up. Learn 3 simple steps that will change your emotional and mental mindset about eating, exercise and self-care so you can finally regain your self-confidence and feel in control of your behaviors. Use the step-by-step coaching program to get started, stay motivated and achieve success.

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