How to build wealth with passion and purposeThe power to create great wealth is already within you. But monetizing that raw energy doesnt happen by itself. As Christopher Howard shows, building great wealth is a dual process. It begins by identifying your passionthe things you truly and deeply care about, whatever they may be. Next, passion needs to be endowed with purpose: a clearly defined vision of the future you intend to create.Once this happens, money is simply the natural reward. When you bring the value of passion and purpose to the marketplace, financial prosperity is the instant result. Its like awakening to a new realitynot just for yourself, but for everyone who shares in your success. And make no mistake: sharing is a key element in the success of Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Richard Branson, and the other billionaire entrepreneurs Chris introduces in these pages. Instant WealthWake up Rich! proves that ultimate success is by no means a matter of selling out principles in order to become rich. On the contrary, its becoming rich in order to bring that riches to the world.As a true entrepreneur himself, Christopher Howard has put these lessons to work in the creation of his own fast-growing international business. Whats worked for himand for so many other hugely successful entrepreneurscan work for you too. All it takes is passion, purpose, and waking up to instant wealth.

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