With free trade deals already in hand or in the offing, enterprises in Australia, New Zealand and China are likely to extend their international trade by establishing subsidiaries in each other's countries. This also offers opportunities for companies worldwide to open subsidiaries in these countries to take advantage of the dynamic market envisaged. The conduct of companies in their dealings with taxation, duties, and value transfers will become an increasing matter of concern for the three governmental authorities and the business people who make the policy decisions for their companies.For many years the subject of international transfer pricing has attracted the attention of governments and has been a regular and absorbing preoccupation of international companies that use it for advantage. It has also provided a prominent study base for scholars worldwide. Since scant, if any, attention has been given specifically to Asia Pacific countries, it is a timely moment to focus on this subject in relation to those countries, in view of the significant economic developments in the region.This book focuses on international transfer pricing practices and tax audit practice in the three prominent economies of the Asia Pacific region - Australia, New Zealand and China.

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