This book is an informal, although systematic presentation of lectures given by the authors on Boolean algebras, intended for advanced undergraduates and beginning graduate students. In a bold and refreshing style, this book treats Boolean algebras, develops some intriguing ideas, and provides rare insights. Exercises are generously sprinkled throughout the text for course study.This book can be considered a sequel to Paul Halmos's Lectures on Boolean Algebras, with the following changes: (1) the material in every section has been explained in more detail, and is now more accessible to undergraduates; (2) there are three times as many exercises, and the authors have now prepared a solutions manual; (3) a more careful explanation of the relationship between Boolean rings and Boolean algebras has been added; (4) thirteen chapters have been added, including chapters on topology and on continuous functions, a chapter on the extension theorem for homomorphisms, a new chapter on congruences and quotient algebras, a chapter on the lattice of ideals, and a chapter on duality theory for products.

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