This is intended for a graduate course on Siegel modular forms, Hecke operators, and related zeta functions. The authors aim is to present a concise and self-contained introduction to an important and developing area of number theory that will serve to attract young researchers to this beautiful field.Topics include:* analytical properties of radial Dirichlet series attached to modular forms of genuses 1 and 2;* the abstract theory of HeckeShimura rings for symplectic and related groups;* action of Hecke operators on Siegel modular forms;* applications of Hecke operators to a study of multiplicative properties of Fourier coefficients of modular forms;* Hecke zeta functions of modular forms in one variable and to spinor (or Andrianov) zeta functions of Siegel modular forms of genus two;* the proof of analytical continuation and functional equation (under certain assumptions) for Euler products associated with modular forms of genus two.This text contains a number of exercises and the only prerequisites are standard courses in Algebra and Calculus (one and several variables).

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