Make more informed project investment decisions by knowing what issues to examine in the planning process and how to analyze their impactsPoor or insufficient planning is primarily responsible for the inordinate number of idle and rusting capital facilities around the world, with investment decisions often made on the basis of either intuition or inadequate analysis. Investment Project Design: A Guide to Financial and Economic Analysis with Constraints alerts potential investors and other stakeholders to precipitous changes in the investment milieu as a result of constraints on resources and infrastructure, economic and political turmoil, and population growth. The guideIncludes descriptions of specific methods of financial and economic analysis for new investments and for expansion of an existing enterpriseCovers project risk assessment, mitigation and avoidanceProvides real-life case studies, adapted for presentation, and addresses the design of projects large and small, as well as those in both private and public sectorsFeatures spreadsheet layouts and computationsInvestment Project Design is the ultimate resource in the methods of designing and appraising investment projects

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