Have you ever used a stochastic oscillator?Does your portfolio have spiders in it?Do you really know what a derivative is?From the creators of one of todays most popular investing Web sites,The Investopedia Guide to Wall Speak presents in-depth definitionsof the sites most searched terms.Covering everything from the basics, such asasset, commodity, and index, to moreadvanced concepts like tranche,ebenture, and value investing,The Investopedia Guide to Wall Speaktakes you beyond the average dictionarydefinition with concise yet thoroughencyclopedic explanations of terms andconcepts. It also has about 50 hilariouscartoonsproving that the investingworld does have its lighter side.Keep The Investopedia Guide to Wall Speak on hand for those keymoments that can make or break an investment, like knowing whento straddle an option . . . and when to strangle it.

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