You can spend 75% less time on housework!America's #1 cleaning expert is back! Don Aslett's revolutionary approach - now completely updated - will free you from the drudgery of housework!The first edition of this book was the first really different book on cleaning; the first book ever to show you how to use the efficient methods and materials of the professional cleaner in the home. Now revised and updated to address your modern cleaning needs, this edition is loaded with new information - and even faster techniques - that you can put to work immediately in your home. This updated and expanded edition gives you specific, step-by-step instruction on how to clean every area of your home:Quick, at-a-glance nuggets of solid cleaning advice on everything from how to make the most of your cleaning time to what to do with the kids when you clean--all in easy-to-locate sidebars throughout the bookHelpful insight and advice on what to look for when hiring professional cleaning help--and how to get great results!A cleaning frequency schedule to keep track of tasks that need to be done on a regular basisPractical cleaning tips if you (like so many who work outside the home) can't clean during prime time, but have to scramble to get it done during the evenings, on weekends or in bits and piecesA new and improved stain chart offering up-to-the-minute first aid for numerous kinds of spots and stainsAdvice on how to clean specific rooms in your house the professional way, including living room/family room, hall, bedrooms and kids' rooms, laundry room, garage and entrancewayThis revised and updated edition is a cleaning classic that will help you discover there really is life after housework!

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