Offshoring has become a strategic necessity in the new global economy. This book is perhaps the first ever guide to all the practical issues involved in moving IT operations to another country. The author, with his plentiful experience in IT offshoring in India and abroad, offers critical insights and information that will help the reader understand:- The difference between offshoring and outsourcing - How to set up an offshore operation-from selecting the offshore venture model, location and infrastructure, to staffing and running the offshore organisation - How to evaluate offshore vendors - How to plan and execute an offshore delivery - How to design the offshore organisation - How to customise delivery management and control processes for offshore operations - How to mature a new offshore operation - How to read current business trends to prepare for the future of offshoringThis book focuses on the methods that the industry uses as it works out of India, which is at the forefront of mature outsourcing and offshoring. However, the fundamental principles in offshoring are the same worldwide. This Insider`s Guide will be invaluable for anyone who needs to execute and manage an offshore project as also for business leaders and strategists.

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