The Italian's Wedding Ultimatum Kim Lawrence Alessandro Di Livio is dark, brooding and determined to keep Sam Maguire away from his sister's husband...even if it means seducing her himself. When passion leads to pregnancy, Alessandro will claim Sam as his wife - and their baby as his heir! The Italian's Forced Bride Kate Walker Alice spent six passionate months as Domenico's mistress - until she made the mistake of falling in love. Now the fiercely attractive Italian is demanding her back in his bed. And when he finds out she's carrying his child, he'll never let her go... The Mancini Marriage Bargain Trish Morey Paolo Mancini married Helene Grainger twelve years ago and now he's back. Paolo is still the passionate, gorgeous Italian Helene married and, when they are reunited for one last night, he has no intention of letting his wife go...

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