One red-hot unforgettable night led to a secret that will bind them forever! The Italian's Secret Baby Kim Lawrence Scarlet has kept millionaire Roman's child hidden from him and now he's determined to discover why a woman he's never slept with is claiming to have his son! Can she keep her dark secret? Not when Roman wants to take his revenge by sharing Scarlet's bed! One-Night Baby Susan Stephens When Kate met Hollywood producer Santino, she was swept away. He was unaware of her innocence or of the baby they made that sensuous night. Now Santino is determined to find out what she's hiding... And get her back in his bed! The Italian's Secret Child Catherine Spencer Sophisticated and smooth - that's how Matteo De Luca is now - a world away from the rough-and-ready young Italian who seduced Stephanie when she was nineteen and left her pregnant. But is he willing to be a father to his son?

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