The Legendary Jethro Tull - How many rock bands from the sixties can you name that are still around today? Probably not that many. There are a couple the Rolling Stones, Santana-but most have broken up, stopped recording, and reappear only for the ubiquitous 'reunion' tours. Jethro Tull is one band that formed in 1968 and are still going strong, thanks to the leadership, vision, and extraordinary talent of its leader, Ian Anderson. Named after the 17th Century inventor of the seed drill, Jethro Tull have always been controversial, challenging, and completely impossible to categorize. Are they rock? Blues? 'Progressive'? English folk? These labels merely begin to describe Jethro Tulls eclectic and imaginative music. Author Raymond Benson looks at this legendary rock band and analyzes their place in pop music history. He examines every Jethro Tull album track listing, personnel, cover art, recording history, and content. A handy rating system informs Tull newbies where to start and provides longtime fans with fodder for debate. A book for both the casual and hard-core fan, Jethro Tull is an insightful companion to enhance ones listening pleasure.

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