For nearly a thousand years there has been a Jewish presence in Britain. Today the Jewish community, although numbering less than 300,000, is widely seen as one of the most successful groups in Britain. The medieval Jewish community arrived with the Normans, but was expelled in 1290. Cromwell later readmitted them in 1656. However, even during the interim Jews wielded great influence: Queen Elizabeth's personal physician was a Jew. The Nineteenth-Century saw an influx of Jews from Eastern Europe and Britain's first Jewish-born Primer Minister - Disraeli.This unique book describes events in Britain concerning Jews in chronological order from ancient legend to the present time. Written in a readable style, it is both an academic work and a reference guide, appealing to a wide audience. Only in this book can you discover about the Jews who advised Henry VIII on his divorce alongside the name of the first British Jew to win a Wimbledon title.

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