Joe Boateng, the 'David Beckham of his generation, is Ghanaian.Naomi, his childhood sweetheart is British and of Jamaican parentage.With Joes escalating celebrity status comes huge sacrifices,accusations of selling out, temptations and life changing choices.Joe Guy is a stark and powerful contemporary storyexploring the historical tension and bitter prejudices existing betweenAfrican and Caribbean British communities. It looks at how youngdescendants from Africa distance themselves from a unified urban BlackBritain. This urgent examination of identity and celebrity is told inTiata Fahodzis renowned visceral style.This is a programme text edition published to coincide with theplays world premiere in a production by Tiata Fahodzi that opens atthe New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich,on 18 October before coming to SohoTheatre, London.

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