Parents Aaaaargh!Jemmas are out of date. They still think she should wear the hand-knitted jumper with little bears on it to school and they call her petal in public!Lauras are divorced. Gone is the lovely big house. Now it is a grotty little one. And her mum was seen kissing Melvyn outside Tesco . . .Sumithas want her to keep their cultural traditions which dont include boys, make-up or a trendy hair cut . . .Jons keep bragging about his academic brilliance but in reality its not stellar, nor is it where his heart is . . .Chelseas mum is a writer of ghastly features for the local paper, an agony aunt and a wearer of mini-skirts . . .The five teenagers paths (and those of their mortifyingly embarrassing parents) cross and part throughout this hilarious book set in Leehampton.

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