When troubles mount, monotony metastasizes and relief is nowhere in sight, have you ever considered just saying &quote;screw it&quote; and fleeing life's miseries? Most people have - few actually do. Quint not only considers ditching his cheating wife and dead end job for a tropical escape. He does - and heads for the Keys. After finishing two tours of duty as a Navy SEAL, Quint had longed for an ordinary life away from death and brutality. However, his post-service American dream becomes nothing more than a deep sleep and he finds himself longing for a sense of purpose, a mission. He begins his new life tamely enough - as a charter boat captain in pursuit of the legal limits for his clients. But soon events converge to thrust Quint into a race to find the world's most valuable treasure while extracting himself from a shipwreck, rogue naval forces, and from the pursuit of a vile cadre of pirates and thieves themselves committed to snatching the treasure from the grasp of ancient history or from anyone who gets in their way.

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