Worldwide terrorist attacks planned or inspired by former Saudi citizen Usama bin Ladin and the daily carnage of the Iraq war have propelled the Persian Gulf region to the forefront of international politics. Security conditions inside Gulf States, efforts by local governments to combat threats, and the spill over effects of the war now represent major issues of global concern. Kuwait Amid War, Peace and Revolution provides illuminating context to these issues by examining internal security challenges including terrorism, sabotage and subversion, and policy responses such as mass deportations and special security trials, in the Gulf state of Kuwait. Probing the period of the Iranian revolution, Iran-Iraq war and Iraqi invasion, Lori Plotkin Boghardt details how turmoil in states neighbouring Kuwait such as Iraq and Iran, and deep ethnic and religious tensions inside Kuwait itself, shape the country's threat environment. Lessons from this period are applied to current security challenges in Kuwait , including Islamic extremism. The study is based on previously untapped Kuwaiti sources.

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