Lagoons and Coastal Wetlands in the Global Change Context: Impacts and Management Issues


This interdisciplinary volume comprehensively reviews recent developments in wetland science and global change. The aim is to identify gaps, problems and successes in the integration of scientific issues into lagoon and coastal wetland management. It integrates several fields of research including climatology, hydrology, geomorphology, ecology and biology. The reader is provided with an updated insight of impacts, changes and alteration of coastal lagoons and wetlands deriving from local anthropogenic pressures and global processes, e.g. coastal erosion, sea level rise, flooding and biological invasions. The recent evolution of lagoons and coastal wetlands is analysed, including population and community dynamics, biogeochemical processes and pollution, key biological elements and related indicators. Significant issues, such as flooding and ecological risk assessment, are framed into coastal dynamics considering local specific and more general situations. Lagoons and wetlands are also analysed as sentinel ecosystems for developing coastal observations of global change.

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