Contents include: i-The Delta 3 n Delta Folks 16 m Mur and Nain 25 iv-Mdre and Pdre 35 v Playmates 46 vi-A Side-Show Gotterdammerung 56 vn A Small Boys Heroes 65 vra Learning from Teachers 76 K Sewanee 92 x-A Y0ar Abroad 105 xi Ai fce Harvard Law School 113 xn The Return of the Native 125 xra-rfo BoWom RazZ on Top 140 xiv-1914-1916 156 xv T i Peewee Squad 169 xvi Getting to the Front 184 xvn At the Front 201 xviii The Ku Klux Klan Comes and Goes 225 xrx-Hell and High Water 242 xx-The Flood of 1927 249 xxi Planters, Share-Croppers, and Such 270 xxn Fode 285 xxm A Note on Racial Relations 298 xxiv For the Younger Generation 810 xxv A Bit of Diary 322 xxvi - Jackdaw in the Garden 332 xxvn Home 344 Lanterns on the Levee

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