This stunning new Poyser title looks at the flora and fauna ofLapland - that area of northern Europe and northwestern Russia whichlies within the Arctic circle. After general introductions, the bookexamines the Lapland ecosystems and species by habitat type, with onechapter dealing with freshwater habitats, another with open tundra andso on. The history of natural history study in the region, and theconservation issues affecting it today, are also discussed. The book is illustrated throughout with a wealth of the author's owncolour photographs, and there are also some line drawings and a numberof maps and other figures to illustrate key points. This is awonderfully evocative book which creates a vivid sense of place for oneof the planet's last wildernesses, and will appeal to anyone who loveswildlife and wild places."A rare window onto one of Europe's most unspoiled areas, by theoutstanding British field naturalist of the late 20th century." The Independent"An informative and easy-to-read text on a part of the natural world unfamiliar to many. It is a fascinating, enjoyable book." Wildlife Activist, Summer 2006

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