Iraklis showed no mercy. Now they're back and ready to take their final revenge In the 1970s, Iraklis was a Greek terrorist group targeting capitalist politicians in a spate of gruesome ritualistic slaughters. Now two high-profile businessmen have been dispatched with deadly efficiency. Athens' wealthy elite fear Iraklis is back - and this time there may be no stopping them. Grace was just a child when she witnessed her diplomat father's murder and has returned to Athens determined to find his killer. Hiring detective Alex Mavros, she finds a man searching for answers of his own. The disappearance of his brother still haunts Mavros and the pursuit of a ruthless assassin could reveal more than he bargained for. 'With this gripping, vicious thriller, Paul Johnston proves yet again why he deserves his place on the crime-writing pedestal beside Ian Rankin and Quintin Jardine' Daily Record

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