What is it to be Latino? What is the place of Latinos in America? And how do Latinos think about themselves and their identity? This is the first book to ask and answer these questions in a philosophical context. It rejects answers based on stereotypes that feed the fear generated in both the Latino and non–Latino population by the enormous growth of Latino numbers in the United States. And it proposes a new way of thinking about Latinos based on a familial–historical view that allows for negotiation, accommodation, and change. The task is accomplished in three parts. The first goes to the source of misunderstandings concerning Latino identity, the problem of Latino identification, and the significance of the two general labels used to refer to Latinos, ‘Latinos’ and ‘Hispanics’. The second part explores the problems encountered by Latinos in American society, paying particular attention to the marketplace, affirmative action, and language rights. The third part looks into who...

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