Are you your own greatest critic? Do you have low self-esteem? Have youever thought that if people knew the real you, that they would thinkless of you? Does life feel an uphill struggle because nobody - noteven you - is truly on your side? If any of this sounds familiar, it istime to take a fresh look at the most important relationship of all:your relationship with yourself.In this thought-provoking book, marital therapist Andrew G Marshalllooks at how to love yourself enough to make better relationships andhow to stop zig-zagging between boosting yourself up (often tounsustainable heights) and becoming overly critical. He explains:- Why modern life is making it harder to have a balanced opinion of ourselves.- The types of thinking that sabotage and make life harder.- Why old pains can still cast a shadow today and how to make peace with your past.- How to develop a positive mind-set.- Increasing your self-confidence.(Some of the exercises in this book have appeared in The Single Trap by Andrew G. Marshall, published by Bloomsbury)

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