Students want to be trusted and challenged, even when it looks like they dont! Leadership gives them a sense that they have something to offer, and that their experiences can be useful and helpful to others. Even the most disruptive, difficult student is showing leadership qualities its just not in the right direction, yet. This book demonstrates that students have positive leadership abilities, and they can be taught how to use these abilities and then to teach others. Just as important, if not more so, these students make a difference in the classroom, in their school and in their local community. When students see themselves as potential leaders they rethink the concept of involvement in their community. They move from a sense that leadership is for other people to a feeling that schools are places of opportunity. Incorporating leadership learning into the curriculum in both primary and secondary schools, will challenge students to take responsibility for themselves and others, build their self-esteem and improve the lives of others in the school and local community.

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