Fascinatingly insightful and hopeful page-turning account of one woman's encounter with ultimate rejection.TV journalist Kimberley Kennedy went from having it all to complete devastation, rejection, and public humiliation when, like a Lifetime moviescenario, her fiance literally left her at the altar. Fortunately, her story did not end at the church. With candor and humor, Kimberley shares the most personal details of her life as she journeys from devastation to a deeper understanding of what happened and how she found not only healing but hope to someday find her Mr. Right.The intimate woman-to-woman inspirational journey includes: Stories of women who were left at the altarHow to deal with feelings of anger towards GodThe little black dress analogyHow not to let your rejection define who you becomeTools for healing and moving onHow to laugh, love again, and return to datingUltimate insight from men who have been rejectors

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