Young and beautiful, Nicola yearns for a man to take the cane to her, as her late guardian had done. But when she begs art collector Sir James Hammond for a caning to save her job, she reaps the wrath of Rebecca, his tempestuous fiancee. Enter Carlo, a young Italian painter, charismatic and sadistic, to unleash havoc in their lives. For behind Carlo's dark eyes lie the darker haunts of organised crime, from which only the wealth and influence of Sir James can protect them. In a succession of sexual follies the two women find themselves bent over many times for their bottoms to pay the price. Yet their ordeals are a journey of discovery in which they explore their desire for discipline at the hands of two very different men. And so the canvas is primed for scenes of seduction and submission, from London's glittering art world to the whip-cracking nightlife of Milan.

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