There is a tribute book to be written about the nicest man in snooker but this isnt it! Whatever else he was, The Hurricane wasnt nice. He was unpredictable, wild, demonic and obsessive. The Peoples Champion was an unstoppable force who transformed snooker from a niche sport into a must watch phenomenon. Drawing upon unrivalled access to The Hurricanes friends and player colleagues, this is an affectionate and honest portrayal of the most legendary player ever to hit the world of snooker. This is a real tribute book and an honest and affectionate portrait of the snooker legend by John Virgo who was a great friend, rival and compatriot to the most complicated genius ever to grace the game. Virgo was frequently driven to despair by Higgins antics, the gambling, the drug using, the sheer uninhibited madness of the man but there was always a buzz around the man, there was ALWAYS something happening !

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