Barry Munday is a thirty-three-year-old man of singular purpose-and that purpose is trying to bed women. One day, a too-good-to-be-true sexual encounter at a matinee with a beautiful teenage girl ends when her angry father catches them in flagrante delicto and attacks Barry with a trumpet. Barry wakes up in a hospital and discovers his much-beloved gonads had to be surgically removed. Taking stock of his life, Barry realizes that his hair is thinning, he doesn't understand his own job, he doesn't like his only friend, and he will never be a father.Then a miracle happens, a walking, breathing, modern-day miracle. Barry is saved from a life of emptiness by a bizarre twist of testicular fate: He is sued for paternity by an unattractive woman he can't remember sleeping with. Barry is elated at the second chance at fatherhood. Now if he can just avoid his crazy ex-girlfriend, her rabid dog, a mob of angry gay midgets, and his mother until the baby is born....

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