A highly praised columnist for the Daily Telegraph, Lesley Garner's latest book is an anthology of some of the essential pieces from all three of her previous works, examined again in a new light and with more depth and relevance than ever before, by relating them to the extraordinary experience of being let into the confidence of thousands of people. "This is a retreat in a book. Open it and take time out. Reading one essay takes thirty seconds but that one essay might shift you to a new way of being. This book is designed to deliver what I know of mood-shifting, re-inspiring, creative thinking, re-framing your experience, shifting the dark and letting in light. You can apply it to work, love, grief, change, fear, even despair. When you read it, know that it rests on four beliefs. We cannot change others, only ourselves. We know more than we think we do. We find the answers in stillness. And, the fourth truth, which I have learned from thousands of people: we are not alone." - Lesley Garner

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