The witches of today are babes, not hags, using spells instead of char donnay to deal with life's ups and downs. To that end, The Little Book of Pocket Spells offers all sorts of practical tips for bringing thos e magic essentials into your life; from simple charms for encouraging love and success, through to using herbs and aromatic oils for health and happiness. The Little Book of Pocket Spells includes: --Aphrodite's Refresher for adding zing to your love life--The Karmic Calmer for dealing for annoying situations--The Aromatic Antidote for those cigarette cravings--Candle Magic and Bathtime Brews--Astral Armour for times of crisis --How to attract the Apple of Your EyeCarry The Little Book of Pocket Sp ells around in your handbag or back pocket and use it to conjure up ma gic whatever the occasion.

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