The locations of Virginia Woolf's fictions and essays are rarely neutral backdrops, but spaces whose meanings are produced and reproduced through social activity. Woolf's writings are constantly alive to those meanings and to their contestation, but the nuances are not always immediately apparent. Locating Woolf, a collection of eleven essays by an international range of scholars, is the first book to offer an in-depth treatment of her spatial politics, contributing to emergent debates about modernism and geography. Its innovative readings provide both fresh approaches to well-established texts - A Room of One's Own, Orlando, Between the Acts - and new contexts for less familiar essays such as "Thunder at Wembley" and "Evening Over Sussex". Themes considered include gendered spaces, the urban and the rural, the postcolonial, the technological, and the transcultural. The introduction includes a theoretical overview and original readings of Night and Day, Mrs Dalloway, and the London Scene essays.

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