Low intensity conflicts (or LICs) are motivated and sustained by a strong ideologybe it economic, political, ethnic or psychological. Through a sustained process of attrition, these often protracted struggles are capable of bringing the state to its knees, besides draining the exchequer and resulting in the loss of many lives.This important book is the first comprehensive account of LICs in India from 1947 to the present. The conflicts covered in detail are: - Militancy in both Punjab and Jammu and Kashmir - The complex problems in the North-East - The agitation for Gorkhaland and Naxalite violence.Lt Col Vivek Chadha covers all facets of these LICs including their causes and origins, the factors that sustain them and the trajectory of each. He provides a comparative analysis of the causes of these conflicts and examines the states response in dealing with them.Insightful, objective and lucidly written, this book will attract a wide readership among army, paramilitary and police personnel as well as administrators, policy-makers and students of strategic studies.

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