It seemed the end of the world for virginal innocent Mab, daughter of a British chieftain, when she is captured by the Romans and taken back to Rome for sale, but it opened up a new world for her. Startlingly beautiful, she captured first the eye then the emotions of her new owner, quickly giving him - and herself - great sexual pleasure. It was also a good way to avoid his harsh sadistic punishments which ranged from flogging to branding for the slightest error. Mab also forms a lasting friendship with the lovely Dakena and the male slave, N'Duna.Mab's owner sets off on a trading journey, taking all 120 slave girls with him to row the ship. Unfortunately for him, the ship is boarded and captured by pirates who take the women away to be sold. Mab and her friends end up owned by the Emperor Nero and are trained to take part in his new sport, pony carting, but with the carts drawn by dildoes rather than harness. Life is full of surprises for the beautiful Mab, once a quiet British girl, now a Roman Slave!

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