Leadership is currently one of the most daunting issues facing all sectors of the economy in Canada and abroad. Much has been made in the media about a leadership 'deficit' and organizations are concerned about the quality and quantity of leadership available to meet their current and future needs. Many think we are faced with a leadership shortage and need to take drastic measures to remedy this problem.As a result, organizations wonder about the most effective approach to leadership development and seek to implement the best strategies and programs to enable their workforce to acquire and hone leadership skills.Made In Canada Leadership seeks to answer three fundamental questions:What are the best ways to develop competent leaders?How to ensure a reliable supply of capable leaders for the country?How to strengthen Canadian leadership?To do so, the authors draw upon the collective wisdom and experience of 295 exceptional Canadian leaders in the private, public, community, art, sport and co-operative sectors from coast to coast as well as 66 professional leadership development experts representing programs in universities, institutes, corporations, public sector entities, co-operatives as well as sports, community and youth programs

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