It's every teacher's worst nightmare: starting a new school year to discover a classroom full of little demons. No matter what you try, they simply will not behave.How can this situation be resolved? The answer is through a dedicated behaviour management programme that includes the pupils, and not simply a system of tips and tricks to get pupils to quieten down for an hour or two. And there is no better way to include all pupils - no matter what their skill level or abilities - than through drama. This book contains dozens of unique drama exercises and games that can be used right across the primary age range to calm tempers, stop restlessness and regain the attention of unruly pupils. Exercises and games include The Hamster's Underpants, which is designed to stop fidgeting instantly among primary school pupils, and The Bottle Ale Rascal, which puts an end to rudeness and bad language in the classroom once and for all. Focusing on everyday areas of classroom conduct such as fighting, jealousy, concentration, bad language and lapses of attention, this book is packed with tried and tested theatre based games and exercises.

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