Offers best practices for implementing RTI at the school-wide level-to ensure success for all learnersResponse-to-Intervention is now mandated at schools across the country. While there are a handful of books offering tips on implementation, schools are still struggling to find the best approaches. This book, from a prominent RTI researcher, explains how the most successful schools using RTI manage the process. Sailor offers best practices for implementing RTI not only at the classroom level, but also at the school-wide and district-wide levels, to ensure no student falls through the cracks and schools fulfill the promise of RTI.Offers clear guidance on implementing Response-to-Intervention effectivelyReveals the framework used by the most successful schools using RTIIncludes information on applying RTI for behavioral problems as well as academic challengesContains illustrative examples of how the approach is applied at all levels, from individual student to school-wide and district-wideWritten by a top researcher in the field of Response-to Intervention

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