Who are we and what are we becoming? This is the key question that managers in the 21st century are being forced to ask. More than two decades of downsizing, delayering, corporate liposuction, lean manufacturing, empowerment, knowledge management and networked organization have shaken traditional assumptions about management to their foundations. Postmodern economic, social and cultural conditions have fragmented established identity resources and created a crisis of self-confidence in managers for whom buzz-words and bullet points no longer suffice. Drawing on detailed qualitative empirical studies and contemporary theory on gender and power, Managing Identity powerfully and sympathetically explores the impact of recent changes on managers' identities, their responses and struggles to construct fresh and multiple identities. Developing new and important theory that will be essential reading for students and researchers in the area, the book offers insightful and much needed models for explaining and assessing shifts from modern to postmodern management and the processes of creating managerial subjectivities.

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