"Masks of the Moryons" is a unique travel book giving us an insider's view of traditional rituals to celebrate Easter in one town in the Philippines.It is the first ever detailed account of Moryonan, the re-enactment of the Legend of Longinus in the spectacular weeklong Easter pageant held only in the town of Mogpog, on the Philippine island of Marinduque. The Legend of Longinus has been re-enacted in Mogpog in celebration of Holy Week for almost 150 years. Illustrated with 26 original colour photographs, Masks of the Moryons, reveals who the Moryons are, their preparations and rituals day by day, their history, and how these cultural traditions have survived.Anthropologist, photographer, (and storyteller), Trish Nicholson takes us behind the scenes to experience Moryonan as a participant, to wear the mask, to find out how they are made and what it all means to the community. Appendices, glossary, annotated bibliography, and a section on how tourism affects cultural traditions, make this an informative and pleasurable read.

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