Clare, self-confessed bondage lover and nymphomaniac, has a boyfriend, Andy, who loves to tie and dominate. Together they have a small business. On the night Andy confesses that the business has gone bankrupt, they meet Master Roland, who offers to bail them out provided he can have the use of Clare for a year.Master introduces Clare to her new life by tying her lead to the newel post and leaving her there while he takes Andy on a tour of the house. From then on it is domination, display, bizarre outfits and oh so tight corsets, together with almost constantly lactating tits, held back by rings around her aureoles and a dildo permanently in place! Life for Clare will never be the same again and it isn't very long before she realises Andy no longer has a place in that life, that come what may, she wants to remain as Master Roland's Milkmaid.

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