A Database-Powered Website--Easier and Yet More Powerful Than EverThe latest release of ColdFusion represents a giant leap forward in the creation of dynamic, database-driven websites. Mastering ColdFusion MX is the resource you need to take advantage of everything MX has to offer. Whether you're just getting started or making the transition from an earlier version, you'll quickly gain the skills that will take you to the next level. Master database interactions, integrate with Flash applications, build and consume web services, manage and secure your server--and, most importantly, develop full-blown, dynamic web applications.Coverage Includes:* Including outside code* Creating and manipulating variables* Interacting with email, web, FTP, and LDAP servers* Creating dynamic charts and graphs* Creating and validating forms* Using SQL for advanced, dynamic database interaction* Using JSP custom tag libraries in ColdFusion* Building rich-media applications with Flash Remoting* Using XML with ColdFusion* Using object-oriented programming with ColdFusion Components* Building and consuming web services* Scheduling automatic execution of ColdFusion programs* Implementing fine-grained, advanced security* Implementing error control* Building a search engine with Verity* Administering ColdFusion servers

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