Praise for MASTERING THE 7 ESSENTIALS of High–Growth Companies "Thomson nails the essentials required to become a high–growth company in Mastering the 7 Essentials of High–Growth Companies. The management practices he identifies certainly applied to RIM?s Blackberry in the early years: a breakthrough proposition focusing on a high–growth smartphone market, inside/outside management with a co–CEO pair, and core alliances with brand name service providers. This book clearly outlines what it takes to grow your business which can lead to achieving the kind of exceptional growth RIM is achieving." —Jim Estill, Seed Investor and member of the Board of Directors for Research in Motion (RIM) "Achieving exceptional growth, especially during challenging times, is rare but can be done. Applying these 7 Essentials will provide invaluable insights that can guide your actions to grow your business. I applied the ?essential? lessons Thomson identifies while growing Staples and apply...

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