This unique volume contains a selection of more than 80 of Yuval Ne'eman's papers, which represent his huge contribution to a large number of aspects of theoretical physics. The works span more than four decades, from unitary symmetry and quarks to questions of complexity in biological systems and evolution of scientific theories.In keeping with the major role Ne'eman has played in theoretical physics over the last 40 years, a collaboration of very distinguished scientists enthusiastically took part in this volume. Their commentary supplies a clear framework and background for appreciating Yuval Ne'eman's significant discoveries and pioneering contributions.Contents:(Authors of Commentaries in Parentheses):SU(3), Quarks and Symmetry Breaking (Y Verbin)Algebraic Theory of Particle Physics and Spectrum Generating Algebras (N Cabibbo)Supersymmetry and Supergravity (R Kerner)Geometrization of Physics (T Regge)SU(2/1) Super-Unification of the Standard Model and Non Commutative Geometry (J Thierry-Mieg)Spinor Representations of GL(N,P) and Chromogravity (I Kirsch)Metric-Affine Gravity (F W Hehl)Strings, Branes and Other Extendons (Dj Šijački)Various Topics in Astrophysics (J Bahcall)Foundations of Physics (A Botero)Philosophy and Sociology of Science: Evolution and History (J Rosen)Readership: Researchers in physics and mathematical physics, and scientists interested in history of physics and philosophy of science.

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