Triumph over tough equations, rise above reasoning problems, and get top scores on the GMAT!If you're struggling with GMAT math or anxious about the exam's new Integrated Reasoning section, you can rest easy--the revised and updated edition of McGraw-Hill's Conquering GMAT Math and Integrated Reasoning is here. Written by expert instructors, this book offers intensive review for every type of math and integrated reasoning problem on the GMAT. Within each topic, solved problems of gradually increasing difficulty help you build your problem-solving skills. McGraw-Hill's Conquering GMAT Math and Integrated Reasoning includes:2 full length GMAT Math practice tests2 full-length GMAT Integrated Reasoning practice tests200 additional GMAT Math practice problemsTips, strategies, and practice problems for the Integrated Reasoning sectionIntensive drill and practice for test-takers whose math skills are rusty or weakFull-length practice test sections just like the ones on the actual GMAT

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