This collection of papers on research into and management of underground structures in salt formations represents the state-of-the-art on applications of salt mechanics in mines and storage caverns for gas/hydrocarbon, radioactive waste and toxic waste disposal. The contributions cover laboratory experiments, constitutive numerical modeling and field investigations, and deal with creep, damage, thermo-hydro-mechanical and chemical-coupled effects, lessons learnt from real sites and structures and in-situ monitoring. The book is organized into eight topics:* Laboratory investigations and constitutive modeling* Coupled processes and hydro-chemical effects (THMC)* Field measurements and back-analyses* Numerical modeling* Dry mining, post-mining and backfilling* Liquid hydrocarbon storage and brine-production caverns* Gaseous hydrocarbon storage and compressed air energy storage* Hazardous and radioactive waste disposalMechanical Behavior of Salt VII will appeal to academics, engineers and professionals involved in salt mechanics.

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