Comprehensive coverage of mechatronics in medical systemsMechatronics in Medicine: A Biomedical Engineering Approach addresses this emerging field focused on areas of medicine such as robotic surgery and smart surgical instruments, design of artificial organs, new medical imaging systems, and novel diagnostic and therapeutic systems. This pioneering work addresses the development of computer-controlled mechanical devices for use in a wide variety of areas in biomedicine.Mechatronics in Medicine: A Biomedical Engineering Approach Offers a basic background in mechatronicsCovers multidisciplinary medical systemsDiscusses design and operation of biomechatronics systemsIncludes details on state-of-the-art technologiesCutting-edge coverageIntroduction to Mechatronics; Sensing Technology; Actuators and Feedback Sensors; Mechanisms and Mechanical Devices; Processing and Control Systems; Expert Systems; Medical Imaging; Applications of Mechatronics in Medicine; Medical Case Studies in Mechatronics

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