Megagauss Magnetic Field Generation, Its Application To Science And Ultra-High Pulsed-Power Technology - Procs Of The Viiith Int'L Conf On Megagauss Magnetic Field Generation And Related Topics


The generation of megagauss fields for science and technology is an exciting area at the extremes of parameter space, involving the application and controlled handling of extremely high power and energy densities in small volumes and on short time scales. New physical phenomena, technological challenges, and the selection and development of materials, together create a unique potential and synergy resulting in fascinating discoveries and achievements.This book is a collection of the contributions of an international conference, which assembled the leading scientists and engineers worldwide working on the generation and use of the strongest magnetic fields possible. Other research activities include generators that employ explosives to create ultra-high pulsed power for different applications, such as megavolt or radiation sources. Additional topics are the generation of plasmas and magnetized plasmas for fusion, imploding liners, rail guns, etc.

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