A multi-disciplinary, multi-industry overview of microbiologically influenced corrosion, with strategies for diagnosis and control or preventionMicrobiologically Influenced Corrosion helps engineers and scientists understand and combat the costly failures that occur due to microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC). This book combines recent findings from diverse disciplines into one comprehensive reference. Complete with case histories from a variety of environments, it covers:Biofilm formationCausative organisms, relating bacteria and fungi to corrosion mechanisms for groups of metalsDiagnosing and monitoring MICElectrochemical techniques, with an overview of methods for detection of MICThe impact of alloying elements, including antimicrobial metals, and design features on MICMIC of non-metallicsStrategies for control or prevention of MIC, including engineering, chemical, and biological approachesThis is a valuable, all-inclusive reference for corrosion scientists, engineers, and researchers, as well as designers, managers, and operators.

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