Are you:Aged between 40 and 55?Acutely conscious that life hasn't panned out quite the way you imagined it?A lot happier after a couple of glasses of wine?Getting divorced? Or consoling divorced friends?Having, or considering having, an affair?Tired and emotional and generally depressed?If you've answered 'yes' to more than half of these questions, then congratulations, you are officially experiencing 'midlife'. That is, middle age -- the autumn years -- the beginning of the end.The question is, are you surviving it? Getting the meagre most out of it? Probably not.Embracing everything from blogging and Boden to wine and worry lines, Rye bread, infidelity and Ikea, The Midlife Manual is your very own guide to getting through the middle years more gracefully. Its aim is to make you feel less alone during this testing time. It will make you laugh. It may at times even be genuinely helpful.

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