Why do they call Adelaide, Australia the "City of Corpses"? How many people did Agatha Christie kill with her pen? And what did Edgar Allen Poe, America's first murder mystery writer, really die of? There's nothing like a little murder to capture a reader's attention. And in this random shooting of a trivia book, readers find all the gumshoes, guns, and gore they need to explore the sinister side of human nature: the worst villains of all time - from Hannibal Lechter to Charles Manson; the bloody truth about forensics; weaponry to die for; private dicks, dangerous dames, and dubious characters; the most puzzling unsolved mysteries; and, who's really gotten away with murder. From amateur sleuths to serial killers, this murderous miscellany of crime - both real and imagined - is just the thing for a dark and stormy night.

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