Acquire the tools you need to become a market–driven organization With the increase in competition for government and private funding, volunteers, and ways of getting their message out to the people they serve, not–for–profits must adopt specific marketing strategies to achieve their goals. This practical, easy–to–use workbook provides key tools to help not–for–profits ensure that their organization pursues its mission, meets the changing needs of the community, and successfully competes for funding, clients, referral sources, staff, and board members. Both a companion to Peter Brinckerhoff’s Mission–Based Marketing, Second Edition as well as an independent resource, the workbook equips not–for–profit managers and other employees with the means to run their organizations and communicate with a broad range of professionals more efficiently and effectively. The book offers targeted checklists, worksheets, and self–assessment guides, and also includes a customizable CD–ROM that...

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